Sunday, December 18, 2011

Relationship irritations

This one was for an article about being continuously irritated with your partner. The main illustration says " Bertha's rose-coloured glasses were definitively broken."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buzzing for Tijdschrift voor Marketing

This is a recent illustration for a marketing magazine. The subject of the article was Buzz* and how marketeers should perceive the data they collect from this. The article was focussed in particular on not knowing who's behind all the chattering and which percentage of their peer-group this represents. So, I concluded quite a small group of people could be really influential, therfore I created;
"Bertus the Megabuzzer soon to be the most influential consumer on earth."

*Buzz: a term used in word-of-mouth marketing is the interaction of consumers and users about a product or service. Nowadays social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also being used to create marketing buzz. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Divorce inducing vacations

This one I made for an article on vacations and what havoc they can wreak on your marriage. The text says something like "Sun, sea & sand were the last straw".  Actually in Dutch the saying is "the last drop" coming from "the drop that makes the bucket overflow".
Writer Berthold Gunster surprised me by far preferring my sketches over my finished illustrations. I've sketch-illustrated a whole book of his called "Ik ben oke, jij bent een sukkel". Which translates as something like "I'm ok, you are a moron". Although the title suggests differently, this book is actually about how to get along with (difficult) people. Recently Berthold published a new book, Omdenken. I've done a couple of new sketches for it. You can see & buy the books here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The larger version of the Romeo Delta flyer

Postponing sport indefinitely

An article on postponing sports till tomorrow...or the day after.
"Once again she opted for a solid game of mental exercise." 

The little follow-up.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trek de agenda!

En ik heb de flyer ontworpen.
Romeo Delta presenteert op 21 november: Tweedehands.
De Unie, Mauritsweg 34
Zaal open 20.00u - aanvang 20.30u
Entree € 5,- BNO leden en studenten € 3,-
Reserveren niet mogelijk.
Hippe vintage, Found Footage of een tas gemaakt van je kat. Re-use, recycle en hergebruik.
De volgende Romeo Delta avond (noteer maar vast 21 november, zelfde tijd zelfde plaats) gaan we niet op zoek naar het tweede leven van de eierdoos of lege wc-rol maar juist die van fotografie, autoband, video of ieder ander denkbaar materiaal.
Creatief met kurk maar dan 2.0...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Plaswijck Park. Don't forget to wash your hands.

A quick cross-post from Ikrotterdam. A few weeks ago I visited Plaswijck park for the first time and it was nicer than I thought It'd be. Apart from all the playgrounds they actually have a little zoo with monkeys, huge owls, otters and, as pictured, Guinea Pigs. The sign says "Petting Guinea Pigs is allowed but: Don't pick them up. Don't walk in their residence. Don't feed. Thanks! Don't forget washing your hands."

No more sex

This one is in Vrouw magazine right now, it's for an article on couples who are not having sex anymore.
"No dear, let's wait until the children leave home."

Monday, October 31, 2011


This one I did for a medical magazine, the subject of the article was diabetes (and Hypoglycemia).
The text on the glass naturally says "Break glass in case of emergency".

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jojo Dress up doll

A dress up doll for the jojo-ing woman. Made for an article describing the constant loss and gain of weight through dieting.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Since I'm rather fond of Belgian beer so I just had to enter this Duvel design competition.
Not much chance of winning and getting my very own Evil Granny's glass, as yet.
So if you want to vote, look here!
evalien asked you to vote for this design. Help his/her design reach first place.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Citygirls living in the country

Another illustration for Telegraafs Vrouw. This one was for an article about a city girl moving to the country. The writer mailed me after this was published that coincidentally she looks a lot like this and actually wears high heeled rubber boots while gardening. I thought I'd just made those up. My first idea was putting a woman on a huge Louis Vuiton patterned tractor. Thankfully I didn't use that, Vuiton  seems quite keen on lawsuits.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Museummiddagjes: Wereldmuseum (for

Sketching at Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, some ancestral statues looked a lot like Teletubbies and Smurfs. Apart from the beautiful exhibitions the coffee at this museum is absolutely great.

Monday, October 17, 2011


This month in Tijdschrift voor Marketing for a quite interesting article about neuromarketing.
" From now on Peter only shopped with his subconscious."

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sketchbook Ghent

If you ever find yourself in Ghent, pay a visit to Het Velootje.
This bar used to be a bikeshop. It's much like drinking beer
in an antiqueshop with a pretty good music...and a cat.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teenage parties

This one I did a while back for an article on young teenagers throwing parties at home, 
to the despair of their parents. "The end of the soda years."


Here's one on marketing. The subject of the article was that you can distinguish 5 
different types of prosumers. So I drew a prosumers test " Which prosumer are you?" 

More from the sketchbook

From the sketchbook

F: Hinze used to whistle spiritually in pyramids.
M: I grew up on panflute music.

She bought survivalpants, for Afrika.

Drawing is suffering


Ik ben oké. Jij bent een sukkelMet illustratieschetsjes van mij.
"Betweterige schoonzus, bemoeizuchtige baas of onhandelbaar kind? Stop ze te veranderen. Ze zijn wie ze zijn. En dat zal altijd zo blijven.
Is dat erg? Nee. Denk het om. Ze zijn je goudmijn.
Na de bestseller Ja-maar wat als alles lukt?, Huh?!
en Omdenken is Berthold Gunster terug met een boek
over een onderwerp wat iedereen zal aanspreken: relaties."

Get what you want through positive thinking
" Magda was positive-thinking herself a Ferrari."

Winelife Champagne issue
Illustrated for an article about non-alcoholic wine.
"The benefits of non-alcoholic wine."
Text underneath: "Sorry, we were out of lemonade."

Vivian Stanshall

Vivian Stanshall for Zone 5300.

Vivian Stanshall; 21 March 1943 – 5 March 1995) was an English singer-songwriter, painter, musician, author, poet and wit, best known for his work with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, for his surreal exploration of the British upper classes in Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, and for narrating Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.
(About: parents battling for the love of their children. 
" And who is the sweetest mom in the whole world?")
Article about: girl has to hang out with boys for a week instead of with her beloved girlfriends."Alphabet burping wasn't the same as a good conversation." 

The Sketchbook Project

Last year I filled a sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project. My personal theme was Help!, since that's something I think quite often it was easily done. Here's a few sketches. You can see the whole sketchbook here.

1 " Help! even though it's christmas I had to get up really early to be unbearingly social."
2 " Help my cats don't love me. They only use me for food and warmth."
3 " Help! I accidentally sprayed myself in the eye with deodorant. The spray cap got stuck...But it released again. At eye height."
3 " Help we're stuck in Oblivion. We need lock picks NOW. Or we'll never be able to poison Thadon."

Personal space for Achmea Health in bedrijf

Unpenetrable, proper distance guaranteed! extra dimming option.
Petra's social zone was located about 200 km from her colleagues.

Impotence and Bitchiness
On impotence: " Inge always mixed a little Viagra in with the  stew"
For the "Are you a bitch" test.

Model drawing at

Beer review
I've paid the Man van drank a visit. Terrific beer store at Hoogstraat Rotterdam. he owner of the Man van drank is pretty nice and gives good advice if you want it. I hadn't seen this Pure from la Trappe before, alas it's not to my taste being rather weak and watery.

Been busy at Ikrotterdam again. In this case with some supermarket cheese tasting. Tinned cheese, which was actually rather good and a beercheese which was unimpressive and twice as expensive.

Illustrations for the DQ&A Anniversary book

A while back DQ&A published a book on The Furute of Online Marketing with my illustrations. The book looks very good and they also have an ebook version out. Here's a few of the illustrations I did for them on predicting the future of online marketing.

An illustration for ABP Wereld

This one was for an article about the elderly having a long live of leisure in front of them after they pension. Which gets them out of touch with the younger generations. I took the slacking teenagers approach:

"Work-shy scum"