Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My first baby card

After saying no against baby-cards for years (sweet & cute is not quite my subject matter), I thought I'd have a go at it for some friends of mine. They gave me carte-blanche and I tried not to shame them. Think I've managed. This is the textless version, front and inside. In the finished one the letters if the name are  in the frames on the front. The inside (see under) is handwritten and naturally contains all their information in the finished version. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At the library

The Rotterdam Library has opened a new library in the IJsselmonde area for which I, and four other illustrators, have designed the backs of several bookcases. The bookcases stand with their backs to the library entry so you should see them straight away when you walk in. I'll visit to shoot some pictures yet. This one I did on the subject of Psychological Literature.


Right now in Vrouw magazine, an illustration on speed-dating. I made two versions for the client, one about sex on the first date and a milder version you can see underneath, which is the one they used.
"John had only one question: Did she have sex on the first date?"

"Speed-date dilemma: Dreamdate or pee-break?"